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The Old Brick Furniture Company's origins - as well as our business philosophy - are somewhat off the beaten path.

Unlike most furniture retailers, we began in 1965 as a wholesale furniture business - selling to furniture and department stores in upstate New York and western New England.

Being a wholesaler meant we sold to furniture stores rather than end consumers. The stores in turn marked up the prices, then sold to the general public.

Our business grew, and our clients were happy. There was only one problem: It bothered us that most other stores were charging so much. As wholesalers, we knew what furniture cost. Especially during lean economic times, we felt that stores' excessive markups were making it difficult for people to buy. In addition, they forced sales people to pressure too hard - so that customers felt surrounded.

We felt this hurt the furniture business over-all, as well as the end consumer.

So in 1991 - another lean economic time - we decided to start our own store, in Troy, New York. To keep overhead low, we located in - what else? - an old brick warehouse.

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